Three Types Of Artisan Bread That Cannot Go Wrong In Your Bakery

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Three Types Of Artisan Bread That Cannot Go Wrong In Your Bakery

7 June 2017
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Serving up the delectable aroma of freshly baked bread is enough to make mouths water and definitely bring in the customers. However, when it comes to providing artisan bread in your fresh bakery, you have to make sure you are giving the best possible selection. The full list of different types of artisan bread is massive, and to make each one on a regular basis could easily consume all of your baking time. One of the easiest plans of action to follow in your daily business is pick a select few that will always be appealing to customers and then maybe throw in a few new varieties to try out on occasion. Take a look at these three types of artisan bread you should definitely have available at your fresh bakery.

Crispy Artisan Garlic Baguettes

baguettes are the go-to bread to pair with everything from soups to pastas because they have this wonderfully dense texture that absorbs and complements the flavor of whatever dish it is paired with. So, adding artisan baguettes to your bakery menu is a logical decision. To dress up the basic option, go with a nice herbaceous garlic baguette, which is perfect with marinara dishes or lightly seasoned pastes with complimenting flavors.

Deep-Dish Artisan Sourdough Bowls

Sourdough is an all-time favorite among bread bakers because it is one bread that is not just desirable, but offers a long shelf life long after it is baked. You will probably have a lot of customers who come to your bakery to pick up bread bowls, which work well to serve various soups inside. Take this need to the next level by baking artisan sourdough bread bowls in a deep-dish shape so customers have the option to get the bread they need that has the ability to hold even more soup than usual.

Herb-Cheese Stuffed Artisan Loaves

Throwing a little cheese, whether its creamy ricotta or pungent parmesan,  into the baking mix when creating artisan breads is the perfect way to amp up the flavor of the bread and spice up your bread menu. Cheesy herb breads are a great treat all on their own, but they do well when used as sandwich bread just the same. If you are trying to give your bakery fresh bread menu a little more appeal, don't forget to add a good herb and cheese artisan loaf to the available options list.

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