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If you're anything like me, the ideal of a traditional wedding is downright boring. I love color too much to wear white, even for one day, so we carried that theme throughout our entire celebration. Of course, our cake was a majestic purple and lavender affair with plenty of real floral accents with sparkling sugar hints. It took me a few tries to find a baker capable of making my dreams a reality, so now I'm sharing my journey to cake bliss to help others achieve their goal of throwing a truly unique wedding with a delicious and colorful centerpiece.


Three Types Of Artisan Bread That Cannot Go Wrong In Your Bakery

7 June 2017
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Serving up the delectable aroma of freshly baked bread is enough to make mouths water and definitely bring in the customers. However, when it comes to providing artisan bread in your fresh bakery, you have to make sure you are giving the best possible selection. The full list of different types of artisan bread is massive, and to make each one on a regular basis could easily consume all of your baking time. Read More …